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The following is a special limited time offer for anyone who needs to see how Solution Focused questions work, but can't exactly go sit in a therapist's office during session.
Hi, my name is Elliott Connie...

 And here's the TRUTH you need to know about mastering Solution Focused Brief Therapy! In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.
It's The lack of training materials that goes beyond the theory.
This means your clients don't get the most effective intervention available.

And, worst of all, most therapists can't get past the idea that they find it really difficult to stay solution focused through an entire session.
The fact is, if you've never seen SFBT in action, of course it is going to be nearly impossible to master.
But getting access to SFBT sessions is obviously way easier said than done!
When I was first getting started in my career, all I wanted to do was to become the very best Solution Focused Brief Therapist I could be and offer a service that people would be willing to come and experience.

To accomplish this, I read every book on SFBT that I could, but eventually I wanted more. I began to travel the world attending conferences and intensive trainings dedicated to the Solution Focused Approach.
 After years of training, I finally began to find the answers I was looking for.
From all of my time spent in training and watching the masters, I learned 2 important things that have stuck with me more than any other.

The first is that learning the Solution Focused Approach is hard, and actually doing it is even harder. Even for the gurus of this method, it took loads of practice to actually become good at using it. It seemed like the people that were good at doing this, tended to think of this as a skill that they needed to hone, and that led to them being so effective.

The second is that one of the best tools to learn this approach is watching live sessions or videos of sessions. This is because the Solution Focused Approach is a process of language and requires the clinician knows how to build questions in session.

It is not enough to know what the Miracle Question, Scaling Questions, Exceptions, etc. are. You have to be able to put these to use and actually be able to build these types of questions in a session.

Knowing the path really is different than walking the path!
Accessing live therapy sessions isn't easy!
I knew what I needed to solidify my learning, but getting my hands on it was difficult to say the least.
It took me years to get my hands on enough footage to really learn my craft. It took years of making mistakes and learning Solution Focused Brief Therapy the hard way.

In the following years, I became so inspired that I started to write books of my own about this approach, and then eventually conducting my own trainings. I truly wanted to develop materials that would help as many professionals as possible, and really enable people to use this stuff. Then I decided to contribute to solving the problem I had experienced for so long.
Imagine the dramatic impact on your practice and life as you learn to help more clients faster, build your practice with more clients, and become enthusiastic about your work.
You will earn more money as your practice grows due to more people being helped quicker, as well as people in the area recognizing you as a different kind of practitioner.

You will reduce feelings of burnout as you engage clients in more positive conversations as well as noticing client changes.

You will fulfill your dreams of helping clients that have had their lives touched by some of the biggest life problems.
Mastering this approach can change so many lives, including your own.
I'm beyond excited to be able to offer you this solution...
TWO Real SFBT Sessions, complete with my "play-by-play" explaining what I'm thinking during each session.

You'll get a copy of each session uncut, along with a copy of each session with my commentary built in.
Here's what you get....
Session 1: Dave & Celeste
Learn how to use the Solution Focused Approach with a struggling couple and watch them rediscover love right in the front of your eyes. Learn how to use Solution talk and the power of Solution Focused questions to empower your couples to make fast and sustainable changes in their lives.
Session 2: Logan
Learn how to use the Solution Focused Approach effectively, even with clients who don't want to be in your office. Learn how to use the art of Solution Focused questions to tap into your clients motivation and conduct a session that leads towards change, even when the problem is significant.
Since my goal is for every single person who wants to learn SFBT to have access to excellent material, I'm throwing in a few extras!
Free PDF Download of My Book!
The Solution Focused Marriage: 5 Simple Habits That Will Bring Out The Best In Your Relationship
Solution Brief Therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on a person’s greatest desires instead of the problems to be reduced. As a result of this focus, this approach to helping is much more simple than traditional more problem focused approaches. I wrote this book to bring the ideas and principles of the Solution Focused Approach into a usable form to allow any couple to apply it in their relationship immediately.
PDF Download of The Questions Method: A Flow Chart of Solution Focused Brief Therapy Questions
There is no real way to talk about the Solution Focused Approach without talking about the questions associated with this way of working with clients. That is why I put this flow chart together to act as a guide and to illustrate what a professional using this approach is thinking about as they craft their questions to the client.
Bonus Session!
Session with Jan
Includes footage of the client giving feedback after the session on what it was like to participate in an SFBT session. Discover the unbelievable outcome in the client's life 2 weeks after the session.

I'll also include a recording of the follow-up session!
I genuinely believe Solution Focused Brief Therapy changes lives, and I truly want everyone who's interested to learn it. This is why I want to make this offer a no-brainer, whether you're a psychotherapist, coach, student, retiree, or just a skeptic of this approach.
For this reason, I'm offering this entire package for only
And, in case you're still hesitant, I'm Including A - 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
That's right, no questions asked. If you regret this purchase for any reason, I'll give you your money back and we can part as friends.
This is the resource I wish I had found when I was learning this approach.
I hope this is serves as an extremely valuable resource for you in your solution focused learning!

Your friend in solutions...

-Elliott Connie
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  •  Session 1: Dave & Celeste ($47 Value)
  • Dave & Celeste Play-by-Play Commentary ($47 Value)
  • Session 2: Logan ($47 Value)
  • Logan Play-by-Play Commentary ($47 Value)
  • Free PDF Download of my book, The Solution Focused Marriage: 5 Simple Habits That Will Bring Out The Best In Your Relationship (Book sells for $9.99 on Amazon)
  • PDF Download of The Questions Method: A Flow Chart of Solution Focused Brief Therapy Questions ($9.99 Value)
  • Bonus session: Jan with commentary and follow-up session ($97 Value)
Total Value: $304.98
But TODAY ONLY, you're getting all of this...
For Only $27
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